On her Favourite Windowsill

Hello, this is Narnia, some of you might know her from her Facebook – Princess Narnia The Maine Coon or her Instagram – @narniathemainecoon . I and my Boyfriend are honoured to be this little girl’s Pawrents.

Before she came to live with us, we were told by her Rescue group that she used to be part of a Breeding Program. We were not told where and for which Breeder, but we think that the breeding program was somewhere in Northumberland since her vaccination card was issued in a Vet Practice there. From another source, we were told the name of the breeder, which we would not like to share, who is in Northumberland too. So here is it – She is Far away in the North – Lovely fact if you tie it with her Name.

Greebo (2007 – 2015)

Originally I had another cat back in my Home country, he was a very nice and wonderful Siamese Gentleman named Greebo ( Yes I am Terry Pratchett Fan). I left him at home when I came to live with my Boyfriend in the UK, and I couldn’t find the courage to get him through 3 hours flight and probably some quarantine time. He was the reason why I didn’t get a cat for quite a while after I came to live in England – it was not fair for him to be there while I had another cat here. He was my little baby boy, who came to live with us on 06 June 2008 when he was approximately 1 year old super loud and extremely hungry Meezer. He was my Baby boy, the Champion of our Neighbourhood, the Protector of the female cat population in his Area, don’t worry he was Neutered, the most loving little boy. I miss him so much R.I.P my boy.  He passed away on April 2015, few days after a surgery to fix his leg, which was broken due to a fall from the first floor.

QuestionCatWe waited for few months since I was looking for the Purrfect Little Girl. We were not sure about the breed so we were ready to get a lovely Moggy. My boyfriend wanted a short haired quiet cat because they don’t she much. I was looking through every rescue in my Area and sadly all of them had outdoor or access to the outdoor cats available for adoption, so I had to look and wait even more time, or eventually go to a Breeder.

Rescue Times

After few months of looking for a cat, I saw a lot of Maine Coons available for rehoming on CatChat , and since we were looking for a breed or a mix which is not long-haired type, my boyfriend said one big fat “NO”, I was very sad and googled a lot of info about Maine Coons from lots of resources – they don’t shed much, they are not vocal, they are nice civilised cats, If only I knew how wrong they will be! Somehow I pursued him that we need a Maine Coon cat, and he said Yes. Sadly until we make the decision of getting a Maine Coon they were already gone, so we were put on the Waiting list. Well, we were lucky, Narnia had failed adoption and she developed some Behavioral Issues – she was a nipper, so the woman from the Rescue Group wanted to place her with Experienced cat owner. She was originally adopted by a Cat Behaviorist who returned her 24 hours after the adoption for hissing other strange for her cat, and nipping. At First, we were told that she had only 1 litter and she had to be retired early of Breeding due to the fact that she became very thin. Later on, right before we broke ties with her rescue due to some events I would not like to talk about it, we were told that her breeder was very ill and eventually died, at first, we were told that the reason she is in Rescue is because her breeder had way too many.

I launched her Facebook page a week or so after we Adopted her. I just needed a place where I can post her Pictures because my friends and Family were complaining about the Picture spam then it got a bit out of Hand.