Wrong Tweet, Wrong Time.

18058135_1934676946765152_4650064806724407641_nRemember the time when the Internet was the World Wild Web? Remember how you could say whatever you want and nobody will give a flying frack. Remember when you didn’t need one outraged idiot to make a whole international corporation take off sale an “offensive” T-Shirt? What Happened? Why we are giving so much power to the individual outrage?

Right now people are too scared to say anything because their 200 facebook friends might get offended or say anything nasty or lose a facebook friend. Why we became like this? And now we have a YouTuber, who thought that it is going to be funny to teach his girlfriend’s dog some “Sieg Heil” stuff, facing up to 1 year in jail! What happened? Why are we having our heads so stuck up our assholes that we see light? Now we are scared to say anything, because we might lose our jobs, because of outrage? Why? What happened? Why so many questions? What happened to logic and kindness? Now we see brothers fighting brother, kids fighting their parents, women divorcing their husbands, all because they have a different political view.

Why? Well, we can’t blame anyone but ourselves. We gave up our free will, we gave up our everything. Have you evert thought that maybe we are to blame. How many of us have so many loans and credit cards that we have to just “Shut up and Eat” in order to go through life because we don’t want our paychecks taken away from us because a group of dodgy feminists will start writing emails to your boss? What happened to our society? Why companies give a fuck about such tyranny?  What happened to the sexual revolution? How dare companies put fit girls on the billboards! How dare they do it! Outrage, outrage and Modernism! And Twitter Followers!

If we want to have a Pluralistic Democratic society we need to have the ability to have free debates with no buzzwords flying around. Free speech is sacred and we need and have to protect it because tomorrow we might be thrown in jail for listening to rock music.

I am a simple person, thinking of simple things and I am confused how everything is upside down because it MIGHT hurt somebody’s feelings? And you know what, we give that power to the tyrannical vocal minority, we are the only one to blame.

We live in a dodgy times!



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