The Biish and The Wardrobe

Having a cat is a great responsibility and an emotional challenge, especially when the little Fluff Butt is hidden in the tiny crack between the wall and the wardrobe, which only exist, because there is an electrical socket on the wall, I don’t know how she even managed to squeeze her wide load there, she seems to be able to shrink when needed (!) or maybe she have a secret Wardrobe Fetish, who knows with that name!!! So, she was there snoozing, while I was slowly freaking out, you know – high blood pressure, on the edge of a panic attack, etc.

I remember that I was on the edge of completely losing it and going outside screaming with her bowl in hand, in my pyjamas and everything,  and then I saw this – a big magnificent paw – gracefully unfolding from her crack bed, slowly stretching it’s toes and demonstrating why you should trim your cat’s claws, followed by a short yawning noise, there she was – all half awake, blinking at me with all her love and appreciation, yawning and stretching, acting like nothing happened! I must agree – I was a bit mad, but I quickly recovered. How can you be mad at the little Princess? The moment those big emerald almonds, meet your terrified eyes and greet you with all the love and devotion there is, you forget it all – the fear,the stress and all the pain (I bumped at few corners while I was looking for her).




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