Pepe The Frog – Short Rant! KEK.

Being able to express yourself, sometimes is essential for an individual, and with everything happening right, now I have the feeling, that we are slowly turning into Fahrenheit 451/Communism society, where we can’t say Anything in fear of being publicly lynched, or worst, by a very angry group of unhappy people. This level of “bullying” (kek) is unacceptable and it’s just going to get worst. The recent victim of this Online road rage is Pepe – The Suicidal Frog, The Feels Bad Man symbol. Pepe, The MEME! A MEME FOR FLUFF SAKE!

Image result

The other day I posted Pepe, to visually infuse my rant against the Instagram timeline in a Facebook group for IG cat people, and I was “informed” that he is a “white supremacist symbol” ! Like, what the Kappa? Seriously and I got also linked to a random website, which btw is connected to Chelsea Clinton, and we all know who started saying that Pepe is s white supremacist symbol, just to accuse her opponent of being a “dickhole” (well not exactly this, but we know what she said).


Edit 29.09.2016: Pepe is now officially flagged as racist by ADL – Anti-Defamation League‎. You can read more about it Here .

There you go a screenshot of the post, a person with no sense of Humour!



D*cks out for Harambe!



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